The Groden Center, Inc.

“I am sending this letter to thank you for the wonderful job that your company did at our Manton Avenue facility in Providence. It looks great! After the devastation created by the flood last March, I thought we would never get our building put back together. Since the flooring is the last phase of most projects, it is also the point at which everybody’s time, money and patience usually ran out. Your competence and expertise were greatly appreciated and instrumental in helping everyone stay calm throughout the project. This is a value that cannot be calculated on a project manger’s spread sheet. Your design suggestions were right on, the installers were professional and flexible, and the quality of the work was excellent. And the best part: you were the low price! Please feel free to share this with prospective customers and do not hesitate to have them call me if they have any additional questions. Sincerely,”
Chris Suchmann, Facilities Manager – The Groden Network

News Articleed in: Commercial Testimonial

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