Specialty Flooring Installation:

Specialty flooring features physical characteristics and properties that fill the requirements of special surroundings, such as health care areas, restaurants, gymnasiums and classrooms.

Raised profile and slip-resistant materials, for example, can help prevent falls in areas where moisture or liquids collect. Electrostatic-control flooring can protect sensitive electronic equipment and computers. Antibacterial floor coverings improve sanitation and health.

The front edge of Glow Line Treads emits a bright, contrasting glow after absorbed light disappears. The glow improves safety in darker areas such as stairwells, movie theaters, and bowling alleys or during periods of darkness because of power outages.

Mats and Safety Flooring:

An important characteristic of safety mats is their ability to resist skidding. In addition to providing sufficient traction to reduce the risk of slipping on surfaces covered with grease and oil, well-designed safety mats should be durable, versatile, and submersible. Hermetically molded and seamless, vinyl safety mats are suitable for even the harshest industrial environments. Improve workplace safety by purchasing an adequate supply of safety matting.

Sports Floors – Multi Purpose Athletic Floors:

We offer such flooring options as gym floors, weight room floors, locker rooms, aerobic room floors and multi-purpose floors.

Multi-purpose athletic sports flooring should provide resiliency and shock absorbing qualities to minimize injury from activities such as jumping or running or high intensity sports such as basketball and volleyball. If the floor is too hard the athlete will be exposed to early fatigue, such as aching joints, leg and back injuries. Slip resistance or level of friction is vital to ensure easy turning or sliding without slipping. The material should be durable, comfortable and affordable. Sports floors are designed to enhance performance, comfort and safety.

Hardwood flooring systems provide the correct resilience, shock absorption and friction characteristics in order for the athlete and dancer to experience the ultimate level of performance and comfort without worry of injury.

Inter locking heavy duty rubber flooring installs easily without adhesives or floor preparation. Precision water jet interlock system virtually eliminates gaps and is great for pro shops, dugout, locker rooms and ice arenas.

Other characteristics to look for:

  • Sports flooring can be made from environmentally friendly renewable products that are bio degradable.
  • Waffle backing enhances sound reduction and impact absorption. Non-laminated surface offers outstanding slip resistance even when wet.
  • Synthetic floors which have shock absorbent, spike resistant and blade resistant hygienic antibacterial properties can have a realistic wood look.
  • Under floor specially coated fiberglass reinforced moisture barrier sheet underlay prevents
  • moisture from passing through to the floor foundation.

Sports floor covering:

Pro shield is a giant sized tiles used to protect gym floors. Easy to handle and quick to set up and break down.