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Residential and Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl is a particularly good choice of floor covering when height elevation is a consideration. Selecting luxury vinyl also reflects your desire for good taste, quality and ease of maintenance.

Vinyl Plank flooring comes in individual planks that look like hardwood, marble and granite. The pieces look and feel real with graining and texture. It is also provides a more resilient feel than sheet vinyl which is great for kitchens and is very easy to clean. It is more expensive than sheet vinyl.

Vinyl Composition Tile is used primarily in commercial and institutional applications. Tiles are available in a variety of colors. Some manufacturers have created vinyl tiles that very closely resemble wood, stone, terrazzo, and concrete. Vinyl tile is favored over other kinds of flooring materials in high-traffic areas because of its durability and ease of maintenance. Vinyl tiles have high resilience to abrasion and impact.

Sheet Vinyl flooring combines top-quality materials and styles to complement any home or commercial setting. From realistic, natural-looking patterns and designs, to easy care and maintenance this product can fulfill all your flooring needs. Having welded seams enables a bacteria free environment.