Lift System

Trinkle Design Expert lifting an office cubicle to install new flooring

Trinkle’s professional lift system saves time, money and hassles. Unlike traditional methods, this installation innovation allows us to work under or around obstacles. Quite simply, it:

  • Eliminates need to remove and replace partitions, furniture, computers, telephones and more.
  • Minimizes (or does away with) disruptions to your operations
  • Cuts out-of-pocket costs by up to 50%
  • Reduces installation time by 50%

The height of convenience and economy.

Trinkle’s lift system allows us to better work around you and your schedule. Because installation now takes hours instead of days, most jobs can be completed overnight or over a weekend. When employees return, the only thing that has changed is the floor covering.

Here’s an example of the savings you’ll enjoy.

Savings with lift system based on 1,000 square yards
BroadloomCarpet Tile Lift System
A.Material costs includes onsite delivery.$20.00$25.00
B.Labor for removal and disposal included in lift system.$3.000
C.Labor for installation includes systems disassembly and reassembly. Includes disconnect and reconnect of wiring phone and computer.$51.500
D.Labor for installation using lift system. 0$15.00
E.Soft costs
Includes employee disruption moving personal belongings, packing time and project management*.
F.Total cost per square yard.$90.77$43.00
G.Total cost of 1,000 square yards.$90,700$43,000
Savings on 1,000 square yards with lift system
Savings including soft costs$47,700
Savings excluding soft costs$31,500

Set game plan with owner/end user

  1. Develop a customized program schedule to enable process of lifting your furniture systems and moving other office fixtures flawlessly. This is not a speed demon installation but if planned well it will minimize disruption of operation and shorten replacement schedule significantly.
  2. Alert employees when their area is to be recarpeted.
  3. Place personal items in box and set them on work station and remove items from floor surfaces.
  4. Computers need to be disconnected and wires lying on floor must be unplugged or taped up out of the way. The scope of work may require an IT person to confirm that everyone is back online.

Key benefits

  • Up to 50% savings versus traditional teardown broadloom replacement.
  • Installation can be completed without adhesive if necessary to eliminate health concerns.
  • Moving material boxes is more cost effective than delivering rolls of carpet to site.
  • No additional space requirement – No “swing space” required to warehouse or displace workers.
  • Works safely with voltage voice and data wires to save clients time, labor and materials most of the time.
  • Carpet tile prices have been reduced making it the most specified material of Architects and Facility Managers.

Satisfied customers give us a boost.rinkle Design’s lift system being utilized to lift an office file cabinet

“Your design suggestions were right on, the installers were professional and flexible… and the best part, you were the low price.”
– C.S. Facilities Manager, The Groden Center

“You made my job easy.”
– D.D. Facilities Manager, FM Global

“Would definitely use your services again…done well and on time.”
– W.D. Webster Bank