Floor Covering

Determining and installing the right floor covering for your needs takes careful planning.  Our disciplined approach will ensure that your new flooring will meet your needs and your budget.

Flooring Assessment

You’ve got a vision for your surroundings and a budget to turn it into a reality. Our estimators and installers will give you an accurate assessment based on your space and your choice of materials. You will get an estimate of your costs based on your exact specifications, not bloated averages. We will create a full-color-coded drawing that will give you an actual picture of the space that is easy to understand and envision

Floor Planning

Transforming your vision into a space that improves your moods, your energy level, your productivity, and your quality of life begins with planning. We balance the function, performance, value and flexibility you desire to create a synergy that gives you what you want. Our design team will help you make the most informed decisions, and assist you to solving issues that can arise during planning and implementation.

Of course, we are always on the lookout for new products and designs that you won’t find at a retail store. And you have full access to our showroom, where product selection is made easier with the help of a qualified floor covering specialist. You will understand the requirements of each product so you can make the most educated choice of materials.

Flooring Installation

Our installers rank among the best in the business. We use highly trained craftsmen who take pride in their work and with whom we have worked successfully for years to schedule, manage and meet the expectations of clients.

Our installers also have many decades of experience working with all types of products, including those with specific requirements for proper installation and maintenance. Many products have special requirements. Moisture can be a problem for all flooring, especially if it is laid over a concrete foundation. Our firm has the knowledge to test for moisture and provide methods of mitigation if necessary. We also install underlayment for wood, flooring substrates.

Flooring Transitions

Seamless transitions between flooring sections and products, such as from carpet to tile and wood flooring or from a higher to a lower surface, requires a variety of strips, moldings and edgings. We will make sure you understand the need for proper transitions when floors butt up against doorway thresholds, cabinets and fireplaces.

Flooring Maintenance

We will stand with you when your interior design project is finished. Things happen and we will be there to help you down the road. We won’t disappear after your job is completed. Our follow-up service – only a phone call away – separates us from our competition. We want to build a long-term relationship with you.